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Project information

A custom made digital product for dental clinics

The platform was needed in order to optimize work and time efficiency in the clinic. Digitalizing their work log, making a patient database, patient records, appointment scheduling, tracking payments, inventory tools, employee records, and more. This is version 1.0 of the product. More features that contribute to clinic goals will be added in the future after the development of this version is finished and tested. The project is composed of three main modules:

  • Patient List - the main section where nurses can add patients, track their records, and schedule appointment
  • Patient Profile - We can see patient profile, dental and medical history, allergies to medical drugs, and much more
  • Calendar - Scheduling and tracking appointments is also one of the main sections where nurses can quickly and efficiently make new appointments.
  • Other (Dashboard, Inventory, Staff, Digital Logs, etc.) - Dashboard, Inventory for tools, staff, procedures & price, digital log of patients every individual tooth, different types of features depending on role of individuals like a doctor, nurse, management, and more.